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King Tut's: Favourite Live Music Venue

By Lucy Hamill

King Tut's: Favourite Live Music Venue

Arlo Parks, Sam from Twin Atlantic and The Snuts spoke to The Independent about their ‘favourite music venue’ King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. Check out what they had to say below.

Arlo Parks

King Tut’s is intimate, vibrant and sweaty with a pretty iconic list of alumni. I’m obsessed with venues that make the artist and the audience feel close to each other physically and emotionally – King Tut’s definitely has that power.

Arlo Parks latest single Eugene

Sam McTrusty, Twin Atlantic 

I’m obviously a biased source here, given that this is my hometown’s talisman venue. The amount of care and effort put into this place by all the staff at DF concerts is unrivalled in the UK. I can’t think of another venue this size that provides in house catering to touring bands that need it most. Amazing sound. Amazing stage space.

In the same week, you could have a band that’s sold millions of albums and a band’s first EP launch. My favourite thing is the route to stage from the dressing room. It’s almost ritualistic going out one fire escape into the cold Glaswegian air and back down another into a warm audience glow.

Twin Atlantic with Oh! Euphoria! from their latest album Power at King Tut's 

The Snuts

Tut’s has always been kinda special to us. It was really the first place we realised something was happening with our music. We’ve played it a handful of times since and it always feels as special. 

There’s just something about live music in a really rowdy sweat box that’s beautiful. It’s the small intimate venues where crowds get to know bands on and off the stage, and its ultimately where you cut your teeth as an artist. 

It would be devastating for the future to become strictly live streams, especially when each and every independent live venue out there, has their own kinda personality and vibe. Support each other where you can, a little goes a long way.

The Snuts at their recently sold out gig at Tut's

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